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Bug reports / Re: Panzer Dragoon Zwei/Saga emulation status
« on: July 29, 2017, 11:14:12 AM »
Hey guys,

Would you be interested in seeing the series rebooted with a new game ? The Panzer Dragoon Saga is my favorite game (ex aequo with Zelda BOTW recently).

I just started a campaign to request a new game in this unique lore/world that has Panzer Dragoon. I know there is already a campaign for existing games to be ported in HD but my work is complementary. So my petition will be available next week @

Until then and even after, you can follow the progress of my campaign on my Twitter @

I will need all the help I can get, we all need to gather and push for this to happen.

I am counting on you guys ! We are not alone, we just need to group up !

The new generations need to see this happen !

I mean can you imagine a new open world ACTION RPG game on today's consoles ? Would be so beautiful and gorgeous ! We need Saori back for the music too !

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