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Support / Retro Bit Saturn Controller D-pad not working
« on: July 29, 2017, 12:00:07 AM »
Hello by the way I just wanna say thank you this is literally the best Saturn Emulator ive used so far recently i downloaded the latest verison of this and originally i had used my ps4 with DS4Windows to play my saturn games and well everything worked fine. But i wanted to play the games on an actual saturn like gamepad so to save money i bought the Retrobit Saturn gamepad when I tried to configure the buttons everything seemed fine until i loaded it up Golden Axe the duel and tried moving with the d-pad nothing worked but the others worked fine. my question is the gamepad not supported for this latest build is there something I am missing I really wanna play with this particular gamepad especially with fighting games because the ps4 controller just feels wonky playing it with (Fighting Games) so help lol thank you again. Oh and by the way I loaded other games and buttons work but not the D-pad.

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