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No BIOS or ISO requests

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Please do not ask for BIOS or ISO files and do not ask where to find them. The only legal way to get a BIOS is to dump the one in your Saturn and the only legal way to get games is to buy them (at least for commercial games).

In fact I'm curious about how to dump, not the bios, but other rom files (kof95 ram cart, mpeg rom file, etc). Is also against the rules ask for a tutorial about it? I was looking around the web, but found stuff only about how to dump the bios...

I had a program I wrote in order to dump the MPEG ROM using an Action Replay+Commlink. It wasn't very user-friendly but it worked. As for the KOF95 and Ultraman carts, I did some pretty evil cart hot-swapping in order to transfer the cart data to system ram, and then over my Action Replay+Commlink setup.

As far as a tutorial is concerned, a lot of it depends on whether we're going to abide by the DMCA or not. Since I'm not the only member of the team, I'm not just going to go ahead and put detailed instructions unless I can get a consensus on the issue.

Cool, could this tool also dump the mpeg rom cartridge? Let us know if the group can release this. since is not allowed to share the roms, at least we could dump it ourselves ;)

Cyber My how to start NIGHTS forum is lokced and so is my how do i get a .ISO file forum too. =( I forgot I couldn't ask.sorry =(


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