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so I've used  emulators before, and just downloading the new version of Yabause - 0.9l11 - I can't get it to run.

I'm on mac osx 10.7.4

I have the bios, and set the iso in what I think is the right box to put it in, but I can't get it to run. I click on run cd rom, and it says it can't recognize the cd drive?

Are you using a cd to play the game?

I'm not a mac user, but maybe you could just use a thing like demontools and mount an iso for the game
or select the iso ...must be that second box? then maybe it wont try using the cd drive...

The cocoa port doesn't suppots loading .iso files.
You'll have to use your real Saturn games.

Yeah, I tried mounting the cd and that, but I did not know that you needed the actual saturn games. Might have to look into this or maybe actually getting a saturn!

or windows :P


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