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I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, but I was wondering if there's any interest in details about the state of Panzer Dragoon Saga/Zwei emulation? I was impressed by the latest update to Yabause and the progress it made for Panzer Dragoon Saga in OpenGL. Here's a video of Saga running in Yabause's OpenGL mode (cropped to 16:9):

As displayed in the video, there are still some problems with the sound. Also, the sky texture is missing completely and the dragon's lasers are gray. Notably, Panzer Dragoon Zwei also suffers from the missing sky texture and gray lasers. These problems also occur in software mode. In Saga, the radar isn't displayed correctly either, which makes it more difficult to play the game as you can't see the safe areas around the enemy. Those are the main problems I noted. If those were fixed, I think Yabause would overtake the abandoned GiriGiri emulator and deliver the best HD rendition of Panzer Dragoon Saga yet. If there's any interest, I could do some further research on Zwei and Saga and compile a list of issues.

Yeah, sure it could be interesting :)

I could try to fix some of the graphic bugs in PDS, but only in the software renderer... I'm not sure to understand how the OpenGL renderer works anymore :p
Which version are you using? Here PDS is crashing with the OpenGL renderer when displaying this screen:

(this is how it look currently in the sofware renderer)

Hi Guillaume,

Thanks for the reply! I'm just using the Yabause 0.9.11 release. I just tried running the NTSC version, it looks the same in OpenGL as the screenshot you posted but doesn't crash there. These GiriGiri save games are compatible with Yabause as well, if you want to bypass certain areas:

I've yet to try and compile any of the later Yabause versions.

In fact, after fixing the crash, it looks quite good with the OpenGL renderer:

Nice work! I've played through the first part of the game again to see how the game performs in software mode, and the only real problem I'm seeing is the missing sky texture. Worthy of note perhaps: in the opening menu screen, the background looks worse in software mode than it does in OpenGL mode:

Otherwise, the dragon's lasers and the battle radar are rendered correctly unlike in OpenGL mode.

EDIT: here's a video I made of Panzer Dragoon Saga running in Yabause's software mode:

Some additional minor problems I noticed:
- some audio distortion on the opening menu
- name entry screen: the white orbs flying around have a black glow around them, I think this is supposed to be a white glow.
- weird background issue here: Earlier versions of SSF had this same problem as well, and it only seemed to occurr in this particular scene. Also, the missing sky is noticeable here.


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