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First of all hello to everyone
Second my suggestion is about including a Dirext X video plugin i think this would work faster than the actual open gl plugin,my other suggestion would be about adding a secondary audio plugin but with Open Al,my other idea would be about adding something similar to the multithread option in Demul,my last idea would be What about including support for pete open gl shaders this would make this emulator the best emulator in the world.
I would like to know as well why you disabled the mono user option file.


* Direct3D video plugin has been considered, but for now has been put aside since not many on the team are skilled with Direct3D and/or lack of interest. That being said, if someone out there wants to give it a shot, let us know.
* OpenAL plugin actually does exist, it's just wasn't included for the windows port in the last release.
* Multithreading has been talked about, and honestly I think a number of us want to add it, it's just somewhat tricky given all the different cpu's and then trying to keep everything in proper synch. We used to have everything multithreaded way back in like version 0.0.5 or something like that and it was very problematic so it ended up being removed at the time.
* Not sure about OpenGL shaders. But I imagine like Direct3D it'd depend on having someone who's skilled with OpenGL to be willing to work on it. Guill and I admittedly aren't particularly great with OpenGL.
* In the qt port we moved the settings to current user's application data folder because of problems with the old location. Probably could change it around again to use the all users data location. Honestly some feedback here from other users would be appreciated.

Direct3D is no faster than Opengl .....not worth it imo

I said direct X and direct 3d is faster than Open GL because Open GL depends and relies exclusively in the GPU,with the difference of direct3d/DirectX because relies and depends on 3 aspects CPU,GPU and ram so will always works faster than OpenGL.

And i think nobody undertood me about the shader filters,well for the users of emulators like miself what is more important is not the accuracy and documentation of the console in this case sega saturn because the emulators are made to play a way to being able to play your old games with the same quality or better with the use of shaders (im sorry for going off the point) if we want accuracy and documentation we have the emulator MESS but we want something better not working slow as a turtle thats why we stop using emulators based on accuracy and this project is going right now on accuracy and doumentation without implementing something new as the Pete opengl shaders used in a lot of emulators like PCSX Reloaded,ePSXe,PCSX2 and demul i have seen the capabilities of the shaders filters on those emulators and the games became awsome the graphics looked better than the original,i have seen a lot of projects dying because of "accuracy and documentation" this emulator have a great compatibility but is too slow using a dynamic recompiler would fix this or using direct x,or maybe allowing others to make their owns plugins.
This is my hardware.
AMD p360 2.66 Ghz Dual Core
3 Gb ram
Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 64 Bit.
AMD Ati Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series 1.5 GB
DirectX mid 2012
Catalist drivers last update
And the emulator work slow first of all(i dont use frameskip because it doesnt look fine),second there is no way to keep the configs i think there is a bug around there.
Thats why im giving you ideas because i dont have problem with mono user setups from emulators,thats a problem of the users with windows vista - 7 starter and home edition,if i knew how to use the saturn emulation in demul i would stop using almost all the emulators (i like to see the games with a simiar or better quaity thank to shaders filters) but they dont give information of how to use the saturn emulation and something interesting is they use interpreter but they have multi thread option thats why i was giving this idea of multi thread but as an option because is better,or if you use open gl someone could try to include the anysotropic and antialiasing options.
Well im sorry if someone get mad.
A little question
Can i use ENB on yabause?

I include the pete opengl shaders are under GPL so there is no problem using it, if someone want to try something.

Well, we already have DirectX code for sound and input. Though it still needs some reworking in order to work the current QT setup. The main problem with adding support for all these different libs, etc. is who's going to maintain this stuff? That's why OpenGL and software rendering were used, at least we can use it across several ports. I won't disagree on the performance benefits.

We do have a dynarec SH2 core available. For some reason it's being disabled for non-linux ports. Not sure the reason for it.

It makes more sense to focus on accuracy over speed since technology has a habit of catching up. Like for instance, bsnes has become the defacto standard for SNES emulation over ZSNES and Snes9X the last few years. Why? Because byuu focused on emulation accuracy over speed. Sure it's slower, but the technology ended up catching up.

As for the rest, see my first post. I already answered everything else.


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