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VDP2 viewer and model dump


Request 1:
Hoping to see a VDP2 Viewer in the future that would allow viewing all the VDP2 artwork in much the same way as the VDP1 texture viewer.

This is the view its giving me in Sonic Jam for example.
would be nice to be able to capture all the textures in there natural pixel aspect ratio

Request 2:
Capture 3D mesh from memory and export as file.

I second this notion. The VDP viewer on Yabause only collects the data that's viewed on the screen, whereas Satourne was able to view almost all of the data available in a system of tiles, and the fact of the matter is that I can't make a map with stretched and distorted background parts.

I think the Intervention would be a good add to the server, its looks really nice and could be a rare weapon up for grabs.


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