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Native resolution support


I've used tried Yabause on Windows a short time ago. As far as I can tell, it's possible to set custom resolutions, but there isn't a standard native resolution integer option, so it needs to be set manually for each game.

What I'm looking for is a "classic" 1x, 2x,3x option, regardless of the actual screen.

For example, let's say a game uses 320x224, while the fullscreen resolution is 1024x768. Using the 3x option, the game should then use 960x672, the rest would be borders. If the game uses 704x448 for it's titlescreen, then it should stay 1x of course.

I still have crts (both a SDTV and a VGA monitor) at my disposal. What would be really great would be the ability to tell Yabause which screen resolution should be used for each Saturn resolution and then it automatically switches, but I understand this is probably too much to ask; it is a feature that Kega Fusion and Ootake offer.

Hey, Ive got a monitor with 1080p 1920x1080 native resolution. I was wondering if the game could detect resolutions the user has and make them available?



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