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specify games directory - Yabause on Android



it says that games go in /sdcard/yabause/games, is it possible to specify this directory instead?


Read Ee learned a lot. There are so many benefits

Pleas make it changeable.

I'm not sure to understand why it would be better... the exact files location doesn't matters much, no?

Image that some people have multiple storage mediums or what to have as me, path which they are used to.. im using with every other emulator path like this /Games/Saturn  /Games/Amiga /Games/Dos /Games/Dos   its easy to remember and manage all you games except native Android ones on 1 place.

   Yeah i know game /Yabause in root on linux, or C:\Yabause, but there some conventions, some basic of good behavior - like make path manageable by user.

   +1 level would be enable mount a play image through lan, because its waste of space and time to copy images per device, gigabit network is much faster than was cd/dvd, on pc its working well..


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