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Yabause in game save stops controller function, game seems to be still running.


I'm using the newest version of Yabause to play Shining Force 3 translation.  When I use a state save everything is fine, but when I save the game at the church and the priest asks if i want to continue and yes or no flashes, my controller function is gone.  None of the buttons work at all.  I am using a PS2 controller with USB connection.   I think the game just becomes unresponsive even though the animation continues.   I can use the mouse to hit reset and the ingame save state at the church loads fine so it's playable that way or by just using the emulator saves.  Still, finding a solution for the problem would be nice.  Any ideas anyone?  Feel free to email me on this and thanks much!

Steam is running when I get this bug, in fact Im starting the game by clicking "play" in the games steam page.

The error sometimes still does happen and a var dump thanks to my modification is made but if I press refresh it seems to fix it. Im non the wiser as to why though.


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