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0.9.15 Test Session
« on: August 26, 2016, 10:40:22 PM »

Clockwork Knight 2 [00:34]

• Playable at full speed but prone to crashing.
• Significant sound emulation errors (buzzing in menus, distorted SFX, BGM is very quiet).
• A number of small graphical errors (flickering polygons, tree sprites missing pixels, ground missing pixels, etc).
• Between-level cutscenes do not display properly.

Clockwork Knight Puzzle [05:20]

• Will not load beyond start screen.

Daytona USA: Circuit Edition [05:29]

• Playable at full speed.
• Numerous graphical errors (visible gaps between polygons, distorted/flickering polygons, ground/track often disappear, garbage sometimes displayed between menus).

Gale Racer [07:39]

• Loads but virtually unplayable.
• Significant graphical errors (displays garbage between menus and FMV, in-game playfield is totally gray with only the HUD partially rendered).

Goiken Muyo: Anarchy in the Nippon [08:17]

• Playable at full speed.
• One noticeable sound emulation error (voice samples play way too fast).
• One noticeable graphical error (can see through the pants of the character at 8:28).

Layer Section [11:46]

• Playable at full speed.
• One recurring sound emulation error (when the game switches to a new audio track, the previous track fades out as intended, but then begins playing again before abruptly switching to the next track).
• One minor graphical error (timing issue with the ship sprite remaining invisible several seconds after the first boss explodes).

Night Striker S [14:34]

• Unplayable (aside from the opening FMV, the emulator displays nothing but garbage).

Panzer Dragoon Zwei [15:05]

• Playable at full speed.
• Several minor graphical errors (distorted/flickering polygons, ground ocassionally disappears).
• One recurring sound emulation error (the narration in the between-level cutscenes plays twice, overlapping at about one second apart).

Road Rash [20:51]

• Playable at full speed but prone to crashing.
• Significant sound emulation errors (audio eventually becomes very erratic as a race progresses).
• A number of graphical errors (FMV does not display, race results screen fails to load text, some slight polygon distortion/flickering in-game).

Sonic Jam [24:35]

• Sonic World is playable at full speed but does sometimes crash.
• Minor graphical error (ground texture briefly turns white when exiting buildings).

Spiritual Assassin Taromaru [27:04]

• Playable at full speed.
• Some graphical errors (garbage displayed between menus, background layers often fail to load or instead display incorrectly, gaps between polygons sometimes noticeable).

Virtua Racing [31:20]

• Playable at full speed.
• Significant sound emulation errors (sound clips cause obnoxiously loud, prolonged static noises).
• Graphics errors (significant polygon flickering).

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Re: 0.9.15 Test Session
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2016, 01:16:29 AM »
Will you be doing more test runs in the future?