Author Topic: QUESTIONS: I want make a donation to request new features but...  (Read 925 times)


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Hi devs and community,

Well, I do not know what features have already ye in your priority list.

And I'd like to know what. And if you have in a document. Since I've searched and I have not found. So that I do not repeat requests.

My actual request in specific order:
1) Counter polygons (quads) / vertices in screen
2) Wireframe display mode
3) Amount of memory used for each part: Main RAM, VRAM (VDP1 and VDP2), others RAM.
4) Visual icon for CD-ROM Access, Catridge access, used SH2, SH1 used, SCP Used, VDP1 / VDP2 layers used
5) Number % use of: CPUs, VDPs units, SCP or other units.

My requests are aimed at us to see how they used SS in each game and establish the quality of games based on the use made.

On the other hand, we in the future with the free SDK developing machine to exploit us even more and better.

Thank you for your enormous contribution to the SS community! :)

David G.J.